How To Use Your ICHIWAH


Maximizing the ICHIWAH Manifestation Experience


Place your ICHIWAH device in a quiet location, near where you spend time.

In sight - In mind.

Out of Sight - Out of Mind


  • Re-enforces in your own mind the assurance that your ICHIWAH is constantly working away

  • Reminds your conscious mind that your ICHIWAH device is working in conjunction with the Universe to generate every result you request.


Using Your ICHIWAH

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Things you can do to boost your ICHIWAH to its fullest potential

  • How to Assemble Your ICHIWAH deals with the obvious topic of getting the device out of its box and put together.

  • It's very important that you understand why you are making a particular request. The ICHIWAH Request Analyzer is the tool to assist you in understanding the real motives behind your requests. The un-examined request is not worth making.

  • After analyzing, understanding and appreciating your real motives for your request, you commit that request to written form. Writing for Results takes you through an effective Result Card writing process.

  • Based on personal experience, I strongly recommend that you try to tweak your ICHIWAH on a daily basis. Daily Ichiwah Power Settings (DIPS) suggests one simple and yet extremely effective way to approach this. Through the proximity of tweaking you inject personal electromagnetic energy into your ICHIWAH's cosmic connection.

  • Enhance your ICHIWAH experience with your PION. PION is your Personal ICHIWAH Orientation Number. Calculate your PION and use this number to orient your ICHIWAH device for an even more effective personal cosmic connection.

  • ICHIWAH works straight out of the box in standard configuration mode (all same-color parts aligned). For those occasions when you have a real whopper of a request to make, though, you may wish to take advantage of ICHIWAH advanced Configuration. This page steps you through this process.

  • Studies confirm that Gratitude plays an important role in the complete manifestation process. Here you can find out how to make gratitude a part of your ICHIWAH Manifestation process.