Hi. I’m Roger Nelson, creator of the ICHIWAH Manifestation Device.

Welcome to this brief introduction to ICHIWAH’s energy of Happiness.

ICHIWAH functions through four fundamental energy groups, all represented in the ICHIWAH Power Blossom logo HAPPINESS is the BLUE Energy Petal of the Power Blossom.

Aligning your intentions to your personal values is extremely important in sending a clear message to the Universe about what you want to manifest in your life.

ICHIWAH focuses manifestation energies based on your values.

I’m proud of the fact that ICHIWAH IS a value-centered manifestation device.

The ancient Greeks had the dictum, “Know thyself.” This is not always easy.

Ah-h-h, but ICHIWAH has a simple solution to help with this.

Every ICHIWAH comes with an ‘intention analyzer.’ A tool to quickly and easily identify which of the four fundamental energies will be the primary energy you draw on to manifest your current intention. And in the process of doing this, there will be some self-knowing going on.

So, to get a handle on manifesting the life you want, it really isn't necessary to trek off to some distant, high-mountain, mist-enshrouded temple and sit with a meditating monk for months.

Just get out your ICHIWAH Request Analyzer, flip the flaps as you contemplate your desires, and in a matter of minutes you’ll have an intention aligned with your personal beliefs.

In the ICHIWAH system, Happiness is a high level concept category holding ALL the energies for Health and all the energies for Relationships.

When you want to manifest the HEALTH you desire in your life, when you want to manifest the RELATIONSHIPS you desire in your life, you’ll be working with ICHIWAH’s energy of HAPPINESS.

http://youtu.be/8FRSif2GQ4w YouTube Introduction to the ICHIWAH energy of happiness