Quantum entanglement is an experimentally proven phenomenon of quantum physics. This is that thing that Einstein referred to as “spooky action at a distance”. It is a condition where two objects are so associated with each other that, essentially no matter how far apart they are from each other, when something happens to one object, the other object is affected identically. And this interaction occurs at a speed even faster than that of light. Travel this fast is not supposed to happen. Nothing is supposed to travel faster than light.

In the case of ICHIWAH, this concept of quantum entanglement is employed to explain how the request you write and place in your ICHIWAH device can become linked to an energy source somewhere, anywhere, in the Universe. We take it as a given that, when placed in the ICHIWAH device, your request instantly, yes, at a speed even greater than that of light, entangles with its partner sphere of energy.

What’s a Sphere of Energy? This is a concept in the ICHIWAH world that embodies a statement attributed to the Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman. In a discussion about energy in space that could be available to fuel long distance space travel, paraphrasing, Dr Feynman stated that in a cubic meter volume of space, at the subatomic level, there is enough energy to boil all the water of all the oceans on Earth. Rather than space travel, ICHIWAH looks at the energy in a cubic meter of space as the fuel that will cause the manifestation of your written request.


A Cubic meter of space, at the quantum level, has enough energy to boil all the waters of all the oceans of Earth.


To use ICHIWAH terminology, when you place your written request on the Planck’s Plane of Quantum Entanglement surface of your ICHIWAH device, that request instantaneously entangles with a cubic meter of space energy. This cosmic cubic meter is referred to as an Energy Sphere (ES). ES’s exist everywhere throughout the Universe. At the precise moment of entanglement, that sphere transforms into a Sphere of Entangled Energy (SEE). The energy in this SEE is enormous. There is more than enough power to drive the events that will lead to the realization (manifestation) of any request you make. No matter what you request, there is no way it can take more energy than the energy it takes to boil all that ocean water.

You can view a diagram depicting the content of the previous paragraph.

Lest there be fear in a depletion of ICHIWAH energy, each request you make taps into its own Energy Sphere. Given the huge expanse of space and the small allocation of one cubic meter per ICHIWAH request – there just is no shortage of entangled energy.

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