How ICHIWAH.com Is Constructed


The ICHIWAH website is laid out with a general beginning-to-end flow.:

  • First we want to introduce the ICHIWAH device to site visitors

  • Second, point out how a person can benefit from an ICHIWAH

  • Third, provide an opportunity to purchase an ICHIWAH

  • Fourth, provide How-To and other support information to maximize the ICHIWAH experience



What's An ICHIWAH serves to cover just that question - to provide a compelling description of what an ICHIWAH device is, how it came about and why it is effective in doing what it does.

  • the ICHIWAH Concept Diagram (also available in words-only). The interactive Diagram provides a visual take-it-all-in at once view of an ICHIWAH and its connection with the Universe.

  • The ICHIWAH Story gives a little history of how this device came about.

  • Getting into some ICHIWAH functioning details, the ICHIWAH colors explains the use of the four color energy frequencies used by ICHIWAH to communicate with the Universe.

  • Next comes a very important part of the site Symbolism in ICHIWAH. This details the symbolic significance of each of the component parts of an ICHIWAH device.

  • And, because there may be some initial questions, the FAQ section addresses some of the most frequently asked questions.


the ICHIWAH Community

The ICHIWAH Community is where information is shared amongst the people using an ICHIWAH device. This is the place where experiences shared can become learning tools for others.

  • Vote in a monthly survey

  • the world of unintended consequences can be humorous in hindsight. Wacky World Experience relates such stories.

  • There is an ICHIWAH Blog. The blogs are archived here.

  • We also have a ICHIWAH e-Newsletter. Archived newsletters are accessible through this page.

  • There are a lot of energy areas in the real world. Astrology, Luck, Numerology, Law of Attraction, etc. ICHIWAH and the Real World covers a few of these topics.

  • As we receive feedback on how ICHIWAH is serving people as a product, those comments will be posted here, in What Others Are Saying About Their ICHIWAHs


Purchase An ICHIWAH

Purchase An ICHIWAH - We have a sincere desire that you will take action to buy your very own ICHIWAH device. This is where we help you satisfy this craving.


In addition to encouraging you to press the PayPal payment button, we provide some additional reasons to buy an ICHIWAH:

  • Watch a short video to see what all is included in an ICHIWAH kit

  • Still not convinced to purchase, read a few more product details

  • ICHIWAH is Made in the USA.

  • We have tried to be environmentally conscious with our packaging choices.

  • Though we hope you never have occasion to use it, we do have a return policy, which is described in the purchase section.


How to Use Your ICHIWAH

How to Use Your ICHIWAH. After you have your ICHIWAH, this area of the site provides detailed information and suggestions on how to get the most effective results from your ICHIWAH.

  • Watch the short How to Assemble Your ICHIWAH for pointers on assembling one of these devices.

  • Analyzing, to understand, each of your requests is important in the world of the ICHIWAH. The ICHIWAH Request Analyzer shows you a simple analytic approach using your IRA tool.

  • Having analyzed your request, the next thing is to put that request into writing. Writing for Results will make you a Shakespeare of the ICHIWAH world in no time.

  • With a well written request in your ICHIWAH, it's now time to make sure you stay connected with the Universe through your ICHIWAH. Tweaking (a minor interaction) your ICHIWAH does this. One way to tweak your ICHIWAH is with DIPS, Daily ICHIWAH Power Settings.

  • Personalizing your ICHIWAH experience adds more enjoyment and increases the device's effectiveness. The PION Calculator is a tool you can use to incorporate personal data into orienting your ICHIWAH for optimum cosmic connectivity.

  • Straight out-of-the-box works with an ICHIWAH. But, again, to enhance the ICHIWAH experience, there are extra things that can be done. More advanced levels of configuring the components are available.

  • Seemingly always last, but certainly not least, comes Gratitude. Techniques and tools for giving gratitude following the manifestation of your result are found in this section.