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"The ICHIWAH is beautiful!
I'm very impressed with your attention to detail.
The quality is excellent.
I just finished putting it together and will check out the links you provided.
If I have any questions, I'll certainly reach out!"

New Jersey


"I am having the most fun with this intriguing manifester.
I so much appreciate all the notations regarding
symbolism choices. And I realize there is much more to
explore in creating the correct outcome.
Very cool!"

B. Martin, LMT, WHE,


Quid Novi Innovations

And for the most unique gift...Roger Nelson's ICHIWAH. Demonstrated at the 2015 Quid Novi Innovation Conference Power Demo , ICHIWAH is a metaphysical tool designed to quickly, easily, and effectively connect you to the universe; with the single purpose of manifesting (make real) whatever it is you wish to attract into your life. ICHIWAH is an acronym of the phrase "It Can't Hurt It Will Absolutely Help". Imagine what it would be like living exactly the life you want . . . . . . such a dream is possible with the ICHIWAH® Scientific DIY Manifestation Kit.

Everything you need to tap into the ancient powers of the Universe and start experiencing the life you know you are meant to have is conveniently packaged in your personal ICHIWAH kit. To purchase and to learn more, please visit http://www.ichiwah.com/


" the Cosmic Connection "

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Aaron's Manifestation

"I have always practiced and invited prosperity and abundance in my daily meditations, using Reiki, aromatherapy, and soft tranquil music. Upon discovering the ICHIWAH I had an attractive focal point to set my intentions. My first test was to put a specific dollar amount in my consciousness of $6,000. Within a week later my payment to the IRS turned into a refund check of a $1000 dollars and the next day in the mail showed up a statement from an IRA account that I did not know I had to the tune of $5500. Minus deductions I was exactly at $6,000, as requested, the Universe and my ICHIWAH manifested my intention."

Aaron Stephens, MBA
Denver, CO


Shading indicates states in which ICHIWAH Manifestation devices are helping people manifest the lives they want.


Connect with the ICHIWAH Community

Everyone's experience with an ICHIWAH device will be different. Please consider sharing some of your ICHIWAH successes.

Maybe you have come up with an especially effective way to write Request Cards. Or possibly you've mastered a configuration pattern that's producing phenomenal results.

You may even find a hint here of a technique that will enhance your own ICHIWAH experience.


Connect with the ICHIWAH Community

Share fascinating, compelling, and inspiring stories.

"I wondered, 'How can you tell my future?' until I realized that I was creating my future, one request at a time ..."


"I met him after putting in a request to find a boyfriend ... but is he my soul mate?"


"A position opened up in my company, and I was there with my resume, ready for a promotion after I had conceived it and perceived it, using my ICHIWAH device. This was what I wanted ... and I received it!"

Connect with your ICHIWAH peers today, for insight, wisdom, experiences, and knowledge about this mysterious - but effective - cosmic tool.

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Every time you see the ICHIWAH name or the ICHIWAH Power Blossom you remind your conscious mind of you current manifestation request. These reminders accumulate and pass to your subconscious mind and its active interaction with the Universal Subconscious (where manifestation happens).

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