Frequently Asked Questions

NO! Your ICHIWAH device is not, and cannot be, calibrated to do bad things. Use your device to bring positive , i.e. good, results into your life.
You can specify a time frame within which you would like the universe to respond. I have found this is not always the best approach, though. If you allow the Universe to operate at its own pace, the result you get is going to be so much better than what's manifested when a ‘rush’ has been put on your order.
The long sides of the ICHIWAH Energy Frame represent the energies for HAPPINESS (blue) and PURPOSE (red). The short sides represent WEALTH (green) and ADVENTURE (yellow). ICHIWAH is designed so Happiness and Purpose, by virtue of these Energy Frame sides being longer, to contribute slightly more of their respective influencing energies to whatever request is being placed in an ICHIWAH device. So, for example, if your only goal is phenomenal financial wealth, attaining that wealth through the assistance of an ICHIWAH device will assure that that wealth is tempered with Happiness and Purpose.
Yes. Not quite as effective as the written result request. Be sure to analyze the ‘visual’ request and orient the cut out picture to that request’s primary ICHIWAH energy. Simply use your IRA (ICHIWAH Request Analyzer) to make sure you understand what it is in the picture, or about the picture, that you are really asking for. Then place the cutout in your ICHIWAH with the top of the cutout oriented to its primary energy side of the ICHIWAH Energy Frame.
Please don’t. Your ICHIWAH device is most effective when both you and it are focused on one Result Request at a time.
The answer here is just a re-phrasing of the saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” : When the requester is ready, the RBLs will appear.
A well thought out, written request true to yourself is the single most effective thing you can do to have fulfilling experiences with your ICHIWAH device.
We are all entangled. So there has to be a positive effect from a coordinated focus of positive cosmic forces.
The 'postcard' provides a way, with its end flaps, to include product warning labeling. The ICHIWAH box itself is an integral part of the ICHIWAH design, being used as a platform for the ICHIWAH device. Product warnings and corporate logos detract from this platform design. Detach the flaps from the ends of the postcard. The postcard then can be used as:
  • a postcard - send to a friend or relative with enthusiastic comments about how your ICHIWAH device has enhanced, enriched, and empowered your life.
  • a cubicle wall decoration; tacked up it serves as a visual reminder of your actual ICHIWAH device constantly working away on your behalf.
Generally this is an indication that not all of the legs have been inserted completely. Check each leg, making sure the base petal of each Mystic Leg is pushed all the way into its Energy Frame slot.
Try this: click on the diagram to the right to access a one page download-able ICHIWAH Opportunity Challenge Spinner. Use your browser Return Button to return to this page. Follow the directions on the page to cut out and assemble this Opportunity Challenge Spinner. 110 lb card stock paper works fine. No functionality is lost with a black & white printout. A color printer is not required; the result just looks a little nicer in color. The idea behind the Opportunity Challenge Spinner is to shake up your normal way of doing things. Challenge yourself to find synchronicities supporting your current manifestation request. But to consciously do so by focusing on one of your five senses (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, Smell). AND, limit that sensory input to one of the four ICHIWAH Energy categories (Adventure, Happiness, Purpose, Wealth). Your first spin determines which Sense to use. The second spin sets the Energy realm. For example you may spin SMELL and HAPPINESS. Rev up your sense of smell and be alert to smells that could be related to Happiness (health & relationships) that also align with whatever your current manifestation request is. So, let the Universe communicate with you through two random spins of the Opportunity Challenge Spinner. That lets the Universe tell you how it intends to communicate opportunities to you today. Go out into your day. Engage your spun Sense. Detect the Random Bits of Luck (RBLs) the Universe sends your way. Enjoy. Be creative. Be imaginative. Have Fun. It isn't as easy as it sounds; or should that be, it isn't as easy as it looks; or tastes, or smells, or feels.
ICHIWAH is NOT a fortune-telling device…it’s a fortune-CREATING device. It works by linking your hopes and desires to cosmic energy and universal consciousness, thereby attracting, directing, and focusing these energies on each of your specific requests. ICHIWAH doesn't want you to ask “What's my future?” ICHIWAH wants to subtly and silently generate the future, the results, and the lifestyle you want! With ICHIWAH, you control your own future.
Your ICHIWAH device’s success is linked to the concept of quantum entanglement. The idea that two objects can be so closely associated with each other that no matter where they are in relationship to each other in the Universe, an effect on one object also happens to the other. This is known as entanglement. When you set your ICHIWAH device to work on your request, your request entangles with it's own powerful cosmic energy source. This energy source in turn generates personalized lucky opportunities for you. These, in turn, lead to the manifestation of your request.
Because ICHIWAH device taps into all types of universal energies, anyone can use ICHIWAH device to achieve any positive result.