Basis of the DIPS Numbers

Above: Sunset, Pyramids at Giza, Egypt
Below: Moon over edge of Ancient Pyramid at Giza

A DIPS tweet contains information derived from astronomical events at a place where powerful pyramids are located. Setting your CFCDs to these suggestions carries a great deal of universal energy. The CFCD force fields configured through these daily settings establish synchronized fields deflecting negative energy and concentrating positive energy.

This results in an enhanced energy flow powering from your ICHIWAH device to its Sphere of Entangled Energy (SEE).

See the ICHIWAH Diagram

How Are DIPS Formed?

That is, How Do the Numbers Get from Giza to You?

DIPS tweets are manually formatted on a monthly basis.

  • Sunrise, Sunset, Moon rise and Moon set times are obtained
  • the times are converted to 24hr format
  • Date (year/ month/ day) for each day of a month is entered into a spreadsheet
  • Hour and Minute of the sunrise, sunset, moon rise and moon sets are entered into a spreadsheet
  • for each day of the month, the spreadsheet generates a single digit for each day's sunrise, sunset, moon rise and moon set
  • each day's Tweet is manually entered into Twitter
  • the Tweet is then available for you to follow or see at