ICHIWAH CFCD & Electromagnetic Fields

The four Power Pegs each holding a Cosmic Force Containing Device (CFCD)

The ICHIWAH Cosmic Force Containment Devices (CFCD) establish a protective electromagnetic force field around your ICHIWAH Manifestation Device. The dual polarity of the magnetic fields set up both a deflecting force field and an energy-boosting field. The cosmic energy flowing through your device gets an energy boost as it travels down the Golden String, through the Power Crystal and into your written Result Request Card. At the same time, negative energy is deflected away from you Request.


As shown in this graphic, there are magnetic force fields established by the North and South poles of magnets.

ICHIWAH CFCDs have this polarity. The Power Blossom logo side of each CFCD is the North pole. The Power Energy (solid color) side of each CFCD is the South pole.

This polarity also introduces a Yin & Yang Effect, see Yin & Yang. The North pole of an ICHIWAH CFCD is the Yin surface. The South pole, is the Yang.