the Alpha & the Omega

Part of the ICHIWAH process is to analyze, understand, and assign a priority to each of the four ICHIWAH color energies for each request you make.

In this example, ADVENTURE (the yellow side) was determined, by IRA Analysis, to be the request's most important energy component.

The four sides of the Energy Frame are then labeled based on this primary energy:

(1) the primary energy becomes the alpha (α) side of the Energy Frame.
(2) the side directly opposie the alpha side is the omega (ω) side
(3 )the side to the right of the alpha side (as you face the frame from the alpha side)becomes the mi (μ) side
(4) the side directly opposite the mi side is the psi (ψ) side

The diagram below shows all four possibilities of the primary energy color being the alpha side. The silhouette shows the point of view, that is, facing directly at the alpha side of the Energy Frame, the omega side is directly opposite alpha; mi is then to right of alpha; and psi is directly opposite mi.