ICHIWAH Request Analyzer

ICHIWAH Request Analyzer (IRA)

What's really motivating you?

Over 2,500 years ago the ancient Greeks were philosophizing over the importance of knowing yourself.

"Know Thyself"

(Chiseled into the Temple of Apollo in the ancient oracle site of Delphi in Greece.)


And, of course, Shakespeare has a famous quote on this topic of knowing yourself . . .

"This above all else: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou cans't not be false to any man."

~ Polonius speaking to his son Laertes, Hamlet, Act I scene iii

Know Yourself - the ICHIWAH Request Analyzer

As just pointed out above, from ancient Greece to modern times, there has been an acknowledgement of the importance of being honest with yourself.

The most effective thing you can do to assure getting results from the Universe is to be honest with yourself. Really get to know and understand the motives behind each of the manifestation requests you send out into the Cosmos.

Fortunately, with ICHIWAH's specially designed, easy-to-use, self analyzer tool called an IRA (ICHIWAH Request Analyzer) this just happens to be easier to do than you may think.


Introducing the IRA

IRA Top View

The high-energy color lobes of the ICHIWAH Energy Petal, separated onto four foldable flaps.

Each flap represents a pure form of that Energy

RED represents PURPOSE (Politics & Spirituality)

GREEN represents WEALTH (Money & Environment)

BLUE represents HAPPINESS (Health & Relationships)

YELLOW represents ADVENTURE (Life Experience & Events)


IRA Bottom View

The concept words on the bottom surface of each IRA flap gives you a sense of how that energy may relate to your request.

Not all of the words on a flap will relate to a particular request. Enough words, though, will touch on your request to help you decide how important that ICHIWAH energy is to the particular request you are analyzing.

Evaluating your request within the context of each of the four ICHIWAH energies gives you a unique ICHIWAH perspective on your request. How important is each energy as a factor in the result you desire? Only you will know this - by virtual of being true to yourself as you think about your request.

Your careful, thoughtful evaluation of each of these energies gives you insights into what is motivating you in making this request. "Know thyself" made easy.

Understanding what is motivating you into making a particular request, assures this request is really coming from you; and not just something you are asking for because 'everyone else' is asking for the same thing. Be assured, there is nothing wrong with asking for the same thing - as long as it is something that truly 'resonates' with you. To thine own self be true.

Use your IRA to analyze whatever you wish to manifest into your life. Follow the steps outlined on the How to Use Your IRA page.

You will now have completed the IRA prioritization of the ICHIWAH energies for a specific request.

In the next step you compose and write a manifestation request.

See the section "Writing For Results".


How To Use Your IRA ...

Follow these steps and become an expert IRA flap-flipper...

Hold the IRA with flaps extended, and the concept words side facing you.

Look at each flap individually.

It doesn't matter which flap you begin with; you'll be looking at each one.

With your Request in mind:

  • Look at the concept words on your starting flap
  • Read the concept words and give serious thought how those words make you feel about your request
  • Rotate the IRA so the next flap with its concept words is readable
  • Read this set of words and think hard how these words make you feel about your Request
  • Repeat this pattern for the other two flaps - read & develop an emotional connection to each ICHIWAH energy as it relates, or resonates, with your Request

The above steps result in you gaining a general sense of how each of the ICHIWAH energies may be a part of, or play a part in, your result.

Repeat the Read & Feel process you just went through. But this time, prioritize the energies.

Taking all four energies into account, decide which energy has the attributes that are the least important to you. That is, which of the four ICHIWAH energies has the least relevance to the quality of the result that is going to be manifested for you.

Fold that flap down into the center of the IRA. You'll now be holding an IRA with one colored energy lobe folded in and three concept word flaps still extending outward. Shown in the diagram above, to the left.

Looking at the remaining three concept flaps, decide which energy, of these three, is the least important in controlling how your result manifests. Fold this flap into the IRA's center - it will cover the first flap you folded in.

You now have to decide between the remaining two concept flaps.Of these two energies, which is of lesser importance. Typically this is the hardest choice to make. Fold this lesser flap into the IRA center.

Verify in your mind that the last flap standing is indeed the ICHIWAH Energy representing the most important attribute you want in your manifested result. If it is, you're done. You have prioritized the four ICHIWAH energies for the request you are working on.

If the last flap is not the most important, then you need to decide how to re-fold your prioritized energies. Make whatever adjustments you need in order to be comfortable with your final prioritized order.

You now have all four flaps of your IRA folded in, with the colored lobe of your most important energy on top.

Congratulate yourself on accomplishing a challenging task - getting to truly understand yourself from what motives you. It is through your manifested requests that you will you be known.

You have now completed the prioritization of the ICHIWAH energies for this request using your IRA. The next step is to actually write the request you are going to put out to the Universe. See the section "Writing For Results".