ICHIWAH Orientation in 6 Steps

STEP 1 – Locate your ICHIWAH Compass

the ICHIWAH Compass

(comes boxed with your ICHIWAH Manifestation Kit)

STEP 2 – Locate NORTH

Based on where you will be placing your ICHIWAH device, use your local knowledge to determine where the direction North is.

(Note – originally we intended to include a regular compass in each ICHIWAH kit. But then we discovered that the magnetic force in the Cosmic Force Containment Devices is so strong that it distorts regular compass readings, rendering such a compass useless. Thus the reliance on you and your local knowledge to determine the direction of North.)

STEP 3 Point ICHIWAH Compass North

Align your ICHIWAH Compass so its ‘N’ points North for where you are located.

STEP 4 Orient Using the Red Energy

There are four colored sides surrounding Planck’s Plane of Quantum Entanglement (the ICHIWAH box surface shown above).

The Red side (Purpose) is the edge that is used to complete the rest of the orientation steps.

The explanation for “why the red side?” is that this orientation is being done for a purpose. Red is the ICHIWAH energy color of purpose.

STEP 5 Identify Your PION Compass Point

Locate your PION on the ICHIWAH Compass. You can use the PION Calculator at the top the PION page to find out what your PION is. As shown in this example, the PION is the number 5.

5 is the PION calculated from the example birth date of June 19, 1978.

STEP 6 Align Red Edge to Your PION Point

Maintain a North orientation of the ICHIWAH Compass. Envision a line radiating directly from the ICHIWAH Compass Point with your PION. In this example, the Compass Point is the point numbered ‘5’. Now align the ICHIWAH box so the red (PURPOSE) edge is pointing in the same direction as your PION numbered Compass Point.

  • local direction of North

With the ICHIWAH Compass pointing North, note the direction of your PION (this example that being 5).

Now align the ICHIWAH platform box so the red (Purpose) side is pointing in the same direction as the compass point of your PION number.


Your ICHIWAH is now oriented to your PION.

Your PION oriented ICHIWAH Manifestation Device,combined with your unique ICAN (ICHIWAH Cosmic Access Number), establishes an extremely strong personalized connection to the Cosmos. An optimal two-way communication pathway over which to handle each of your Manifestation Requests.