50 lbs Going … Going …

Frustrated and with no plan of my own, I put a Law of Attraction Intention out to the Universe: manifest a healthy-me weighing 165 pounds. That’s a me, 50 pounds lighter. Since releasing this intention, I’ve experienced three cosmic events. Events tailored by the Universe specifically for me. Many may consider these trivial, at first. Not me. Each of these events occurred just when I most needed them. No way any of them was a mere coincidence. And, what’s more, I believe this is just the beginning of what will turn out to be a whole series of cosmic events designed by the Universe to manifest the Healthy-me.


All my adult life I’ve known the secret – sensible, nutritious eating combined with exercise; caloriesIN need to be less than caloriesOUT. Despite numerous schemes to manipulate this equation, I’ve managed to produce an overweight me.

This time I’m trying something different. I’m going to manifest a desired weight enlisting the ancient forces of the Universe. Of course I know the Universe can’t break its own basic Laws (that would be a miracle), so the caloriesIN/caloriesOUT equation remains the Rule of Law. What I’m counting on this time, is for the Universe to provide the opportunities necessary to actually make a healthy-me happen.


As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Some time ago I read about Body Mass Index (BMI). So I’m aware of this method of classifying weight based on height. My manifestation goal is a weight in the BMI normal classification range, that’s a BMI less than ’25’. Below is a chart showing the BMI values for a person 70 inches tall, just like me. The status column also refers to me. Yes, you are correct. I started out classified as obese. (A manual BMI calculation example is shown at the end of this article.)

Classification BMI Weight Range (lbs) Status
Normal Less than 25 132 – 173 Goal: 165
Overweight 25 – 29 174 – 208 Current wt: 205
Obese 30 – 39 209 – 277 Starting wt: 215

Specifically, my goal is 165 pounds. And, though I’m not setting a deadline, I fully expect significant progress within 90 days (February 1 – April 30, 2012).

Why 165? 170 would be five pounds easier and still be a BMI less than 25.

Well, over the years I’ve managed to get to 170 pounds on my own. I didn’t stay there, but I got there. 165 is beyond anything I’ve previously achieved. So, my thinking is that if I can get to, and maintain, a weight of 165 lbs, this could only happen through cosmic intervention.


The intention I’ve released to the Universe is:

“Healthy-me enjoys living life with confidence and energy levels exceeding anything previously experienced. I’m bursting with pride and extreme satisfaction in maintaining a healthy body weight of 165 pounds.”


I placed this request to the Universe toward the end of December 2011. It’s now the end of January 2012.

What’s happened so far? Anything cosmic?

As a matter of fact, I believe so. I’m aware of 3 events. I define an ‘event’ subjectively as any kind of occurrence that ordinarily wouldn’t even show up on my radar, but that for some (mysterious) reason I did become consciously aware of.

So what are these three events?





Spark. The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John J. Ratey, MD

I came across this title while reading another book. For some (strange) reason, I wrote the title down. Then, not only did the local library carry a copy, but the book was checked in AND available for check out. Just a coincidence? I’m learning to marvel at and appreciate these little things in life.

Spark describes significant benefits to the brain from aerobic exercise:

  • optimizes alertness, attention, and motivation
  • encourages the creation of brain cells from stem cells in the hippocampus
  • encourages brain cells to bind into new pathways

Spark goes into detail about brain chemistry; discussing such things as BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor), VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), and Ion Channels. Just the kind of stuff I find fascinating; even if I don’t always understand everything. This book provided just the incentive I needed to get me to take up some regular daily aerobic exercise. That’s why accidentally running (no pun intended) across this book was a cosmic event; an RBL (Random Bit of Luck) deliberately made available to me by the Universe.

Once again, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Spark talks about managed aerobic exercise. I took the book’s advice and got a chest strap style Heart Rate Monitor. Bought one at the local REI store. Monitoring my heart rate allows me to focus my exercise in the most effective range of heart beats per minute: speed-up, slow-down, or hold it steady – exert just the right amount (OK, minimum) of effort for the maximum result.

I retrieved an old Nordic Track from the basement. Did the Universe know seventeen years ago that I was going to finally use this contraption? I dusted it off and propped it up in my work room. No longer is it out-of-sight-out-of-mind. This is a manual apparatus working off tension rollers and pulleys. It actually looks like it could be an exhibit in the Medieval Torture Museum in Rothenburg, Germany. Sometimes my mind even wanders off into speculating on what kind of medieval crime(s) I would have to commit for this to be the punishment.

Searching the Internet, I found various aerobic Training Zone formulas. I’ve chosen to exercise in the 65% to 75% of maximum heart rate. (There’s an example of my calculations at the end of this article.) This training zone is suppose to provide exercise that

  • is good fat burning
  • improves the cardiovascular system
  • improves the respiratory system

It’s basically like going on a moderately vigorous 30 minute walk.


Forks Over Knives is a documentary film created by Brian Wendel, written and directed by Lee Fulkerson.

While scrolling through some Netflix streaming suggestions, I ran across a documentary title that caught my eye. This is unusual because I seldom watch documentaries (Action/Adventure is my preference). For some reason, though, I went ahead and put Forks Over Knifes in my Instant Queue.

Then, after skipping over the title for a few weeks I finally took the time to watch it. I’m glad I did.

This documentary lays out a compelling argument for a whole-food, plant-based diet. Enough so that I’m committing myself to such a diet for three months. I want to see how it goes and how I feel. After that time I’ll evaluate whether to continue plant-based.

This documentary has an associated web site, from which I found a book by Caldwell Esselstyn (references are listed at the end of this article). This book too, not surprisingly, lays out a strong case for managing well-being through a plant-based diet. Almost half of the book is devoted to recipes supporting a whole-food, plant-based diet.

I’m now visiting grocery store sections I barely knew existed; shelves holding such things as liquid smoke, plant-based beer brats, buckwheat flour, and nutritional yeast, to name a few. More than once I’ve had to ask where an item could be found. Does it come as a paste, a powder, a flake? Sometimes I have to spell the item because I don’t have a clue how to pronounce its name. Is it packaged in a jar, a bag, a box, or is it bulk dispensed? These are all things I’m learning.

I’m experimenting with recipes; discovering which tastes are appealing, which are at least interesting, and which are very likely never to be repeated. I’m being introduced to a lot of new flavors and food textures.

My plan was to use January as a transition month – stocking the pantry, picking up some new cooking techniques (steam frying, for example), lapsing back into old eating habits, recovering my focus, etc. OK. I’m lying. I had no plan. January, by default, became a transition month. I wasn’t able to just cold-turkey (sorry, no pun intended) from a traditional meat diet to a plant-based diet. I had released an Intention. I got cosmic direction to aerobic exercise and to implement a plant-based diet. But I found myself struggling to wean myself off decades-old eating habits.

And that’s why the 3rd cosmic event caught me by total surprise.


To repeat, January was a difficult month. Most of the month found me really struggling to muster the will power to eat right and exercise on a consistent basis. And that’s why this third event was so timely. This event, combined with its timing, left no doubt in my mind of cosmic involvement.

I was watching a series of lectures on the human brain (Action/Adventure, really?). In the middle of one of the lectures, a comment jumped out at me. It was about an effective trick to improve will power. Apparently will power can be built up; similar to exercising a muscle to increase its strength.

So, what’s the trick?

“Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand”.

I’m game. So, I’ve started to brush my teeth with my left hand. It’s a bit slow and I definitely have some coordination issues (even keeping the toothbrush inside my mouth). But I’m doing it. And I’m counting on whatever neural pathways this is establishing to do their will-power-boosting magic on my eating and exercising activities.

Left-handed teeth brushing. Another example of a strange bit of luck from the Universe; evidence that a manifestation really is in progress.


While on my medieval torture machine, with sweat beading across my forehead, drying toothpaste crusting across my cheeks, my body literally tingles [Note to self: check thesaurus for a more manly word] with eager anticipation. What synchronicities will the Universe have in store for me today? What random bits of luck will come to my attention as the Universe manifests the 165 pound healthy-me?

In less than one month from releasing the intention, and with no starting plan of my own, I now have a daily exercise routine, a plant-based eating program, and a way to build my will power so I can stay committed to the exercise and the eating.

From my perspective, the Universe is doing its job – generating opportunities for me. I’m working at becoming more consciously aware of the RBLs (Random Bits of Luck) the Universe is generating for me.

Healthy-me =

(caloriesIN – caloriesOUT)


Universe Generated RBLs

Warning: the manifestation process described here is a customized solution the Universe is generating for me. Someone else placing the same intention will very likely receive a different customized package – one tailored by the Universe specifically for that individual. I believe the Universe doesn’t work “off the rack.”


I would also like to go on record that I’ll take a Miracle Manifestationanytime, provided it’s safe. As with the house sale described in The ICHIWAH Story, these out-of-the-blue manifestations are indeed phenomenal.

I’m coming to accept, though, that the majority of manifestations are Incremental Manifestations. In this style, an intention is released into the Universe, the Universe creates opportunities, you take action on an opportunity. This opportunity/action cycle repeats until the manifestation is complete to your satisfaction.

Incremental Manifestations are just as effective as Miracle Manifestations. Incrementals are engaging, entertaining, even surprising. Miracle and Incremental Manifestation may appear to operate on different time lines. Be aware, though, that Incremental is not always the slower of the two.

I’ll post occasional updates on the progress of this grand Healthy-me incremental manifestation.

I was taught that to get full credit you have to show your work. So, here’s mine …

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation

There are numerous online BMI calculators. The manual method:Height in inches.
Weight in pounds.
Multiply Height by itself, ie., Height squared.
Divide height-squared into weight.
Multiply this result by 703.
This result is your BMI.

Height = 70 inches.
Weight = 165 pounds.
Height squared = 70 x 70 = 4900
Weight divided by Height-squared = 165/4900 = 0.03367
0.03367 x 703 = 23.67
BMI = 23.7

Heart Rate Training Zone Calculation

I found a variety of heart rate calculations and aerobic training zones. This is what I decided to go with:Maximum Heart Rate = Subtract your age from 220
Effective heart rate range = 65% to 75% of maximum heart rate.

Example: 220 – 63 (my age) = 157
65% of max = 0.65 x 157 = 102
75% of max = 0.75 x 157 = 118 (rounded up)
Training Zone = 102 to 118 beats per minute


Body Mass Index Table
Forks Over Knives



Esselstyn, Caldwell B. Jr., MD Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-based Cure. New York: Avery (The Penguin Group), 2007.

Ratey, John J. MD Spark. The Revolutionary Science of Exercise and the Brain. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2008.


Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) – Polar FT4 ™

Nordic Track – Achiever ™ model

Toothbrush – Oral-B® Advantage Deep Clean, Medium bristle

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