Frustrated with the Universe? Demand a sign . . .

Positive thinking goes hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction. Manifesting an intention takes a lot of positive thought. But you know, sometimes the going can just get a bit frustrating.

At such times, go ahead and ask for an indication the Universe is still working on manifesting your intention. No, I take that back, don’t ‘ask,’ demand that a sign be provided. And while you’re at it, state your terms – state what the nature of the sign should be and what your timeframe is. Otherwise, you run the risk of locking in on some random synchronicity and (mis)interpreting that as a sign.

Last week I was feeling down; getting frustrated that my current intention was being ignored. So I demanded a sign. A message communicated directly to me from the Universe. A message letting me know the manifestation of my intention is an on-going, active work-in-progress. In other words, to me, this sign would be a good faith gesture from the Universe.

But what kind of sign should I demand?

Recently baby robins hatched in a nest near our front door. I started placing some strawberries on the front sidewalk for the adult robins. The day of my ‘manifestation frustration’ I noticed the nest was empty. Figuring the babies were probably getting their flying lessons in nearby trees, I continued placing berries on the sidewalk. Throughout the morning, as I passed the front window I noticed the berries were disappearing. My wife witnesses the robins eating the berries. Myself, though, I never actually saw the birds take any of the berries.

“Ah,” I thought to myself, “the Universe can inspire a creature to demonstrate some behavior.” I would like to see the baby robins on their first day of flight. So, I made my demand“let me see what’s eating the strawberries; and do so within three minutes.” Of course, I was sure I’d be seeing a robin.

In less than two minutes I had a sign!

I was caught completely off guard. This happened so quickly. I wasn’t even sure if a strawberry was grabbed. A vole (I think that’s what it was) scurried across the sidewalk. I literally shook my head in disbelief. After a few moments of thought debate, I had to accept this as a valid sign. It came in the context of my demand, the location of my demand, and the timeframe of my demand. The messenger just wasn’t the cute little baby bird I had expected. Instead, I got a chubby little rodent.

Lesson: It’s OK to put a specific demand out to the Universe for a sign. Just be open (wide open) for how the Universe decides to compose, and deliver, your unique message of assurance.

Have fun with the Universe. Just remember, it gets the last word.