Power Pyramid

Symbolizes: the Supernatural Power of Pyramids

Though frequently debunked, there is a mystery about the power-enhancing properties of the pyramid shape.

Some studies have shown that the Great Pyramids at Giza, Egypt were built in such a manner that the pyramids themselves are resonating bodies of mystical energy.

The Pyramid designed into the ICHIWAH device uses this same mystical angle of inclination of 52.6 degrees

Calculations of pyramids incorporating this design result in the number PI.

Due to their precise angle, interior walls of these pyramids are thought to establish a resonating frequency of enhanced energy oscillations. Anecdotal studies indicate that razor blades placed under a pyramid have the sharpness of their edges restored.

ICHIWAH uses this energy enhancing feature of pyramids. As cosmic energy flows from the ICHIWAH Celestial Orb into the Golden String, that energy passes through the ICHIWAH Power Pyramid. The resonating energy oscillations on the interior walls of the pyramid give a boost to the cosmic energy flowing through the Golden String. This is the energy flow that powers the manifestation of any request you place in your ICHIWAH device.