What’s In A Name

Symbolizes: embedded messages

The ICHIWAH name originally came from a conversation my wife and I were having over breakfast. Desperate to sell our house (see “The ICHIWAH Story”) we were joking about taking some drastic (for conservative protestant Mid-westerners) action and employ the magic of magnets and crystals in getting a house sale.

But what to call such an approach. In our desperation we viewed this magic as something that couldn’t hurt, something that might even help.

After a few more cups of coffee (this was still morning) we centered on the idea that this would be something that couldn’t hurt but that would absolutely help. This led to the acronym I C H I W A H (It Can’t Hurt It Will Absolutely Help.

Later, we started noticing some embedded elements to this acronym.

For instance, the Chinese word CHI is there. CHI is the central energy of life , the Life-Force, in Chinese philosophies.

At some point we heard that ICHI is the Japanese word for the number one. Then later we found out that WA is a Japanese word meaning “a seemingly effortless state of harmony”. So with a little bit of a stretch the acronym ICHIWAH – combining the meanings of the words ichi and wa, could be a word with the connotation of a “single, unified state of harmony.”

Is this just a coincidence that a made up acronym later comes to reveal embedded meanings? Are there stronger, cosmic forces guiding this thing now called the ICHIWAH device?

So, What’s in a name? Would a manifestation kit by any other name be as effective (or smell as sweet)?

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