About Monumental

The Mission:

ICHIWAH’s creator, Roger Nelson, created this innovative product out of a personal need for a result in his life. When his wife accepted a job that required relocation, selling their home proved to be difficult, and after 5 months they hadn’t received a single offer. After trying all the reasonable tips and suggestions from their realtor without success, the Nelsons joked about trying some alternative solutions. In their discussions, the idea of placing crystals and magnets on the listing agreement came up. Though they didn’t expect much, they figured “it couldn’t hurt – it might help”. An early model of the ICHIWAH device was assembled and a request to sell their house was placed in it. In 9 days an offer was placed on the house, and in 36 days it was sold!

Since then, Roger has studied the ideas and science behind concepts such as the power of positive thinking, the law of attraction, various spiritualities, esoteric ideas, and eastern philosophies. Modifications have been made to the original ICHIWAH that sold his house, and it now incorporates relevant aspects of his studies. The result of his effort is the ICHIWAH miracle device, now offered by Monumental Discoveries, Inc.

Roger’s sincere hope is that others may experience the effects of connecting to the power of the universe to generate positive results in their own lives. The power of the universe is immense. Just imagine all the positive results people can bring into their lives by simply using an ICHIWAH device as their personal connection to the universe. It Can’t Hurt- It Will Absolutely Help.

History of Monumental Discoveries, Inc :
In 2005 Roger Nelson formed Monumental Discoveries, Inc in order to express over three decades of cultural experience and wisdom. He hoped to combine the ideas of applied learning from the academic world with the corporate world’s emphasis on results. The ultimate goal of Monumental Discoveries, Inc. is to create innovative products that contribute to the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of international cultures.

Roger has an extensive scientific background that began with earning a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. He then worked for eight years as a biology laboratory instructor. During that time he co-authored the second edition of A Guide for the Study of Biology, and received a patent for “Method of Handling Drosophila”. Soon after this, Roger was introduced to computer processing and his career quickly exited off the academic track and merged onto the super highway of information technology. He went on to spend over twenty-five years in computer programming. Nine of those years were spent living and working overseas, and it is there that he developed his passion for customs and cultures.