The Story

My wife and I were becoming more and more desperate to get our house sold. Months earlier Marie had started a new job in another state. Until our house sold, though, we could not be together.

Over breakfast in Bakersfield one day we joked that since the move was to California, (and having the typical idea of California being ‘California’), maybe we should place crystals and magnets on the listing agreement. It couldn’t hurt and might even help, right?.

With ever-increasing desperation to get the house sold, implementing the breakfast joke started looking better and better. We desperately needed something that would not only not hurt our efforts, but something that would absolutely help us. Thus was born the acronym ICHIWAH – It Can’t Hurt It Will Absolutely Help.

Though still a joke, ICHIWAH actually had taken on a shape with some attributes. Yes, the idea became a prototype. And the time came to finally test the prototype. The prototype was set up with a request to get our house sold. Then Marie and I set off on a drive from Colorado to Minnesota for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

By this time our house had been on the market for over five months. There had not been a single offer and, despite several Open Houses, very few viewings. So, with the ICHIWAH device set up and configured for a house sale, we allowed ourselves to become cautiously hopeful. On the drive back from Minnesota we received a call from our realtor – an OFFER had been made on the house. And within five weeks of the offer we had a closing.

This whole thing, setting up an ICHIWAH and within a few weeks selling the house was too much for me to accept as a simple coincidence; but I was also more than just a little skeptical. Could it be that setting up an ICHIWAH with the expectation of a house sale had a basic Cause and Effect relationship?. Such an idea went against most of my education and all of upbringing. But there sure seemed to be something going on here with this ICHIWAH device thing.

I set-up up an ICHIWAH . . . Days later, an Offer! Just a coincidence or Cosmic Cause and Effect?

I began doing a lot of research (primarily reading) in the area of Law of Attraction, Power of Positive Thinking, etc. These studies prompted me to make some adjustments to the ICHIWAH device – incorporating design elements representing the ‘new’ things I was learning. I have since discovered that a lot of these new things actually have ancient heritages.

Gradually the thought took shape that this ICHIWAH device might be something others would find interesting. Maybe others would be interested in a tool that could bring results into their lives - results they define.

So began a quest to find a way to modify the ICHIWAH prototype device into a manufacturable item. A design eventually emerged that was more all-purpose than just something to sell a house. With the help of a lot of people ( see Made in the USA ) this quest has succeeded.

I believe others will find the ICHIWAH device an interesting, intriguing, and effective tool for taking control of their own lives. I know I no longer go a day without tweaking my ICHIWAH. And the Universe seems to always be looking out for me, now.

~ Roger Nelson