DIPS Alternatives

Alternative DIPS

I've come to believe that it is not so much the actual numeric settings of the Power Pegs that is important. Most important is your brief physical proximity to your ICHIWAH device. Proximity allows your own electromagnetic forces (generated by the brain and especially your heart) to intermingle with your ICHIWAH's magnetic forces. This provides a personal power boost to the Cosmic connection your ICHIWAH device has going.

Though DIPS is convenient and is derived from astrological events, you can devise your own daily Power Peg setting strategy. For example:

  • on even-number calendar dates set all of the pegs to even numbers and on odd number days set to odd numbers
  • place all the pegs on the same number and increment these settings on subsequent days
  • set the alpha and omega pegs to even numbers and the mi and psi pegs to odd numbers

There is almost no limit to the number of possible Power Peg setting strategies. As was mentioned, using the suggested DIPS is very convenient. What is important, though, is trying to make daily contact with your ICHIWAH - which really means that you give yourself a few moments every day to reconnect with your manifestation request.

Tweaking your ICHIWAH, no matter what style you use, helps you to remember to think about yourself.