Do You Have a Real Whopper of a Request to Make?

There's a Configuration Pattern For That.

Configuring an ICHIWAH refers to the arrangement you choose to place the various energy-colored components.

Advanced ICHIWAH Configuration Techniques

Be aware that the steps here do get a little involved. In the normal use of your ICHIWAH you would not resort to these extreme configuration techniques. The majority of your manifestation requests will be handled through standard, out-of-the-box configurations. That is, simply align all the matching colors of the various parts - blues to blues, reds to reds, etc.

But, when you have what you consider to be a huge manifestation request, these techniques are here to support you.

What's a huge request? Only you can determine that. A request you consider to be run-of-the-mill may, to someone else, be viewed as a huge request. So it really comes down to you and how you feel about the manifestation request you are making.

As one of the stated rules for writing requests (see Guidelines for Writing Requests), you need to completely believe your manifestation request is achievable. When you have a gut feeling that a particular request is on the high side of the borderline of this rule, then you probably have a whopper category manifestation request.

Configuring an ICHIWAH refers to the color arrangement you choose to place the various device components.

Depending upon the manifestation request you are making, certain energy patterns may enhance the connection you and your ICHIWAH device make with the Universe.

As we get started, though, rest assured that there is not a right or wrong way to configure your ICHIWAH. Whatever configuration you decide upon is the right one for you. This may sound like a cop-out. It's not. The configuration you come up with is the configuration your conscious mind needs to convince your subconscious mind this whopper of a manifestation is already on its way.

So, let's get started . . .

Should you prefer to work from the printed page, the following steps are also available as a one page pdf.

Otherwise, skip to Advanced Configuration in 5 Steps.


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Advanced Configuration in 5 Steps.

Start with an assembled ICHIWAH. Remove the Power Pegs and the Cosmic Force Containment Devices (CFCD).

Step One
Using your IRA (ICHIWAH Request Analyzer), prioritize your request into each of the four energy colors.


Step Two
Based on your IRA analysis, note your first and second prioritized energy colors in the chart below.

Keep in mind:

  • you may select only one color per priority
  • a color may only be used once.


Step Three
Identify each of the sides of the Energy Frame with the alpha (α), omega (ω), mi (μ), and psi (ψ) designations.

For this example, yellow was the 'analyzed' primary energy. So the yellow side of the Energy Frame is designated the alpha (α) side.

The side directly opposite alpha becomes the omega (ω) side. The green side in this example.

As you face the alpha side, looking toward the omega end, the side to right of alpha is the mi (μ) side - here that's the red side.

The last side then becomes the psi (ψ) side - the side opposite mi.

Now, referring to the 1st priority row in the above chart, take the Power Peg of that prioritized color and insert it into the alpha side of your Energy Frame. Note that the colors of the Power Peg and the alpha Energy Frame side match.

Locate the CFCD (Cosmic Force Containment Device, i.e. magnet) matching the 2nd prioritized color. With the solid energy color surface facing the direction of the pointer at the base of the just inserted Power Peg, slip this CFCD into the top opening of the Power Peg.

Lift the DCCE (Disc of Continuous Cosmic Energy) off the Mystic Legs and rotate the DCCE so the Energy Petal of the same color as the 2nd prioritized energy is facing the alpha Power Peg. Lower the DCCE back into position of the top of the Mystic Legs. Note the color match of this DCCE petal and the alpha side CFCD.


Step Four
You controlled the previous steps (assuming there is Free Will). With Step Four, the Universe begins to have its say.

Place the remaining three Power Pegs into the Golden Pouch.

Place the remaining three CFCDs face down (energy color side) on a flat surface. Place them far enough apart so they don't snap together due to their attracting magnetic forces.

Step Five
With the Universe as your guide (that means don't peek and pick your favorite color), remove one of the Pegs from the Pouch.

Randomly select one of the CFCDs. (You should have shuffled them so you really don't know which one is which color.)

Slip the CFCD into the Power Peg (energy color side facing toward the peg dial side) and insert the peg into the omega (ω) side of the Energy Frame.

Repeat the above - select a Power Peg from the Pouch, a CFCD from the flat surface, and insert this peg into the mi (μ) side of the Energy Frame.

Now remove the last peg from the pouch and slip the last CFCD into position and insert this assembly into the psi (ψ) side of the Energy Frame.

Your Configuration Is Complete

Your ICHIWAH is now configured for maximum Cosmic connectivity in support of this manifestation request.