Writing for Results (Overview)

Writing for Results

The ICHIWAH Result Request Card


The Result Request Card is how you communicate explicitly to the Universe what it is you want.

You communicate to the Universe, as clearly as possible, what your intended result is to be.

A well written Result Request is one of the keys to success in obtaining the result from the Universe that you had in mind.

Guidelines For Writing Requests

Taken from the ICHIWAH User Guide

  • Be specific and unambiguous
  • Believe that what you are requesting is achievable
  • Have passion for each request you make
  • Phrase each request in a positive manner; no negative words
  • Use the present tense, speaking as if already achieved
  • Whatever you request, be true to your values
  • State what you want, avoid telling the Universe how to go about generating the 'what'

Some Examples

Getting a Job

To demonstrate viewing a request from the perspective of each of the four ICHIWAH energy colors, the following is an example of a request to get a job.

Any request can be seen from each of the four color energies. You decide what you want the energy priorities to be for any request you make. There is no right or wrong priority - as long as you are being true to your own nature. It is even conceivable that you could make the same request to the universe at different times, differing the energy priority each time.

The examples offered here are all based on the desire to get a new job. Each request is written from the perspective of a different energy being the dominant (top prioritized - How to Use Your IRA) energy factor in the request.

See each example:

Getting a Job with Blue Energy
Getting a Job with Green Energy
Getting a Job with Red Energy
Getting a Job with Yellow Energy