Daily ICHIWAH Power Settings (DIPS) Overview

Daily ICHIWAH Power Settings - DIPS


Daily ICHIWAH Power Settings (DIPS) are used to strengthen the personal energy bond between you, your ICHIWAH Manifestation Device, and the Cosmos.

DIPS involves tweaking the Cosmic Force Containment Devices mounted in the ICHIWAH Power Pegs. ICHIWAH CFCD & Electromagnetic Fields

As part of the ICHIWAH assembly process (Assembling Your ICHIWAH), each of the four Cosmic Force Containment Devices is placed in a Power Peg. Each Power Peg, in turn, is inserted into one side of the ICHIWAH Energy Frame. At the base of each Power Peg is a small pointer. On the Energy Frame, around the base of each Power Peg, is a ring of Power Pedals numbered 1 through 9. Rotating a CFCD is simply turning a Power Peg so the tiny pointer is directed to a differently numbered petal. This is referred to as "tweaking your ICHIWAH."

Tweak Your ICHIWAH Daily

(Your conscious mind will thank you.)

Tweak with DIPS


DIPS & The Power of the Ancient Pyramids

Based on the astrological events of sunrise, sunset, moon rise and moon set at the Great Pyramids at Giza, Egypt, a daily tweaking suggestion is available. This suggestion details a numeric setting for each of the four ICHIWAH Power Pegs.

See Basis of the DIPS Numbers for more details.

Daily physical contact with your ICHWAH device increases the interaction between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

Your physical proximity (electromagnetic energy radiating from your brain and, even more so, from your heart) injects a surge of electromagnetic energy into your ICHIWAH's cosmic connection.

Your conscious mind cautiously accepts the plausible scientific basis for the functioning of your ICHIWAH manifestation device. It's your conscious mind's challenge to convince your subconscious mind of ICHIWAH's validity. The real power connection between you and the Cosmos comes when your subconscious mind lets down its guard and taps into the universal consciousness.

The subconscious mind, though, seems to have a relatively short attention span. The subconscious mind needs to be reminded on a fairly constant basis, by the conscious mind, of the plausible validity of your ICHIWAH's connection to the Universe.

Again, physical contact with your ICHIWAH is one way for you to help your conscious mind generate the tangible proof it needs to make its convincing argument to your subconscious mind. And . . .

The best way to physically connect with your ICHIWAH manifestation device is to rotate its Cosmic Force Containment Devices (CFCD).

Does it matter which numbered petal a Power Peg is rotated to?

I think so. The more meaning there is behind the numbers you select, the more convincing your conscious mind will be as it convinces your subconscious mind the your manifestation request is a scientific reality.

What, then, does a DIPS Look Like?

DIPS looks like this:

DIPS: Mon Jul 1: α-6, ω-9, μ-7, ψ-2 / γ-6

DIPS stands for Daily ICHIWAH Power Settings
Mon is the day of the week (Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat)
Jul 1 is the date, Month Day's Date
the colon (:) separates the date info from that day's setting values
α-6 is the setting for the alpha Power Peg CFCD
likewise, the next sets of Greek letters and numbers are for the omega, mi, and psi Energy Frame sides
the next slash (/) separates the daily settings from the Gratitude (gamma) setting

γ-6 then, is the gamma (gratitude) power setting for this date

As you can see, these settings refer to alpha (α), omega (ω), mi (μ), and psi (ψ) sides of the ICHIWAH Energy Frame. The Alpha and Omega page shows how these sides are determined. The gamma (γ) value, the very last item in the above DIPS example, deals with gratitude and is discussed in more detail in the Gratitude section of this web site

View & Print an Entire Month's DIPS

Print Monthly DIPS. This list is generally available toward the end of the last week of a month - for the next month.

And, after all of the above, if you would prefer to use a different strategy for tweaking your ICHIWAH, consider DIPS Alternatives.

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