PION Calculator Overview

PION (pronounced PIE-on) is just one of several ways you can personalize your ICHIWAH experience.

Automated PION Calculator

Personal ICHIWAH Orientation Number

Use this PION Calculator to quickly determine your Personal ICHIWAH Orientation Number. This number is used along with your ICHIWAH Compass to optimally position (orient) your ICHIWAH device to the Universe.

The date information you enter for this calculation is only used to calculate a PION. No entered date information is captured, stored, or put to any other use.

If you prefer, you can manually calculate your PION

Curious what your PION’s numerological characteristics are?

To see an overview of the attributes generally associated with each of the digits 1 – 9 (from a numerological perspective), please refer to PION Numerology

Super-Charge Your Cosmic Connection

Take Advantage of Your PION

To “Orient your ICHIWAH” means to position your ICHIWAH based on your PION.

Orienting your ICHIWAH to your PION gives a power boost to your request


These steps are summarized here for quick reference.

Click this link for illustrated explanations detailing each of these six steps Orienting Your ICHIWAH in Six Steps

  1. Locate your ICHIWAH Compass
  2. Determine what direction North is
  3. Point ICHIWAH Compass North
  4. Identify Purpose (Red) edge of PPQE
  5. Locate your PION on ICHIWAH Compass
  6. Orient Purpose edge of PPQE to your PION

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